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The major objective in primary cementing is good isolation, good formation/cement/casing bonding ability
to prevent matrix channelling while maintaining good well control conditions. These objectives are achieved
with good laboratory analysis/recipe formulation and proper slurry placement techniques carried out by
our well-trained professionals.

WEAFRI has a fleet of twin pump cementing units powered by diesel engines.
These units have recirculation precision slurry mixer equipped with the Automatic Density Control (ADC) System.
Also WEAFRI has cementing simulation software packages like; Opticem, etc.and other services which includes;

•    Primary and Remedial Cementing
•    Off shore and Swamp Cementing
•    Land Cementing
•    Plug Cementing
•    Squeeze Cementing
•    Material, Chemicals and Additives



WEAFRI integrated laboratory provides modern testing methods to meet the latest API recommended practice for testing well cement (API recommended practice 10B-2). To optimize the results of a cementing job, it is important to fully investigate the properties of slurries, pre-flushes and spacers to be used, and their interaction with well bore fluids. We believe the best possible results can be achieved
when the rheology, stability, thickening time, fluid loss and compressive strength development (using the latest UCA equipment) are fully evaluated.

Our laboratory is critical to the success of WEAFRI operations. Here the slurries are carefully designed to match the most demanding applications. To aid in the design and evaluation of cementing jobs, WEAFRI uses OPTICEM software. The software is specifically designed to provide our engineers a comprehensive set of tools to design and evaluate the cementing jobs.