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•    Integrity
•    Accountability
•    Team Work
•    Learning
•    Professionalism
The WEAFRI values are based on established culture of the Company.

We acknowledge that integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate business, and drives our organization.
•    We are responsible people committed to the safety and health of our people and the environment,
     and in compliance with the laws, regulations and corporate policies.

•    We are honest, trustworthy and respectful in our dealings with people and organizations.
•    We are committed to people and business operations.
•    We are accountable to our actions, vendors and clients.

We Are All Accountable
•    We are accountable to our actions, while finding solutions and achieving results
•    We actively engage in planning and are committed to our decisions once they are made
•    We are committed to the success and well-being of employees, teammates and the organization.
•    We embrace the belief that all injuries are preventable and that achieving a healthy and safe environment starts with “me”

•    We believe in working collaboratively, developing and maintaining productive workforce relationship based on mutual respect.
•    We provide superior quality service by working together, sharing a common purpose, common culture and common objective.
•    We willing share our resources and experiences to achieve the corporate goal.
•    We value diversity of our workforce.

•    We believe learning is fundamental to achieving full potential of each individual and collective aspiration as a company.
•    We aim at developing individual careers throughout the period of service.
•    We learn from sharing past mistakes, failures, actions / inactions, and decisions both good and bad,
     to continually improve service performance.

•    We improve benchmarking and adopting best practices.

We believe in professionalism as a core value of our business.
•    We are to meet and even exceed the expectation of our numerous clients.
•    We exude confidence in interacting with our customers.
•    We strive to become experts in our fields, which sets us above the rest of the pack.
•    We adhere to the strict code of business ethics.
•    We are accountable to our actions at all times.