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WEAFRI Well Services Company Limited recognizes that employment of technically competent staff is sin-qua-non to the overall progress of our operations. Our goal is targeted at “Value added quality service and customer satisfaction”.

Recruitment in WEAFRI is carried out in three phases:
1.    Direct recruitment of qualified and experienced candidates who have excelled in similar organisations
2.    Recruitment of fresh University graduates with exceptional background
3.    Retaining our NYSC and Industrial Trainees students with exceptional personal quality.
Our sourcing strategy is multifaceted, owing to the technical nature of our services. Experienced and technically competent staffs are sourced through labour markets. However, WEAFRI major source of recruitment is the fresh University graduates with exceptional background in their academic work, through the recommendation of the HOD(s) of the designated engineering faculties.

WEAFRI Well Services Company Limited (WEAFRI) believes that staff development is one of the elements of the Company’s over sighting Human Resources strategy. The aim of this strategy and its supporting policies and procedures is to provide a working environment, which staffs are able to enhance their work related knowledge, skills and capabilities, maximize their performance, commitment and contribution to the goals of the organization.

WEAFRI recognizes that effective training and development offers benefits to the individual by raising the standard of work performance and the organization as a whole, which ultimately contribute to the achievement of the company’s objectives. WEAFRI is committed, through its performance review process to the creation of training and development opportunities for all staff, and all work assiduously to ensure equality of opportunity across all training and development activity. Equal opportunities will be monitored specifically and reported annually to the management.

Our approach to the provision of training shall consider the development needs that add value to the business, hence, enabling WEAFRI to meet its strategic objectives. The responsibility for identifying training and development needs, providing supports and guidance and carrying out agreed training and development activity shall be shared between the line managers, supervisors, the Human Resources and members of staff. Staffs are expected and encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for their personal development in relation to their work, within the framework of support provided by WEAFRI.  This includes analyzing one’s own skills, aptitudes’ and potential development needs, as well as having a positive attitude and proactive approach to development issues.

Adequate and streamlined procedures to staff training shall be maintained. Effective induction, in-house and external trainings, on the job training including mentoring activities shall be provided in line with the company’s competence development matrix. WEAFRI shall encourage and support appropriate training and development with allocation of reasonable time and financial support.
WEAFRI is committed to fulfilling the standards of the investment in people’s initiative, which signifies that the organization recognizes the importance of training and development in achieving corporate objectives and invest in its people to bring about a variety of mutual benefits.