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Accumulation of debris in a pipeline gives rise to reduced available internal diameter, but pigging on a regular basis to clean solids, scale, wax build-up (paraffin), and other debris from the pipe wall keeps the pipeline flow efficiency high. Pipeline pigging can be done during all phases of the life of a pipeline to obtain information about the pipeline diameter, curvature, bends, temperature and pressure, as well as corrosion or metal loss.
Pigs may be used in hydrostatic testing and pipeline drying, internal cleaning, internal coating, liquid management, batching, and inspection.

A combination of gelled liquids, gel pigs can be used in conjunction with conventional pigs or by themselves to achieve product separation, debris removal, hydrotesting, dewatering and condensate removal, as well as
removing a stuck pig.
WEAFRI pipeline services package cover pre-commissioning, commissioning, de-commissioning, de-scaling, and
In-Line Inspection (ILI) which is designed to meet customer’s specific requirements.