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Safety/Quality Procedures

 WEAFRI Quality Procedures

In WEAFRI, we put Quality at the core of our business, combining our services and practical know-how to provide outstanding services to our customers.Everything that we do is aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders while putting priorities in complying with statutory, regulatory, internal and industry standard practices. We continually review and improve our Quality Management System to enhance our performance, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve quality objectives.Quality procedures are the heart and soul of our QMS. These procedures are establish, documented and maintained to sustain the processes according to the ISO 9001 Standard requirements.

WEAFRI Quality Procedures are in line with API Q2 requirements; a process driven risk based management system that takes a systematic approach to identifying, controlling and mitigating risk(s) associated with the delivery of a service or service related product.



Quality procedures include: 

  • procedure for the control of documents and records (documented information) 
  • procedurefor the performance of internal audits,
  • procedure for the control of nonconformity,
  • procedurefor the corrective and prevention action

Other supporting procedures of our business processes consistently meet customer requirements and enhance their
satisfaction in line with our organization's purpose and strategic direction are:        

  • Procedure for Maintenance and Repair
  • Procedure for Journey Management
  • Procedure for Purchasing
  • Procedure for Verification of Purchased Services & Service Related Products
  • Procedure for Personnel Competency / Training
  • Procedure for Risk Assessment
  • Procedure for Process Design & Development
  • Procedure for Contingency Planning
  • Procedure for Execution of Service
  • Procedure for Identification & Traceability
  • Procedure for Preservation of Service Related Product
  • Procedure for Preventive Maintenance, Inspection & Test Programs
  • Procedure for Control of Testing, Measuring, Monitoring & Detection Equipment)         
  • Procedure for Service Performance Validation
  • Procedure for Management of Change
  • Procedure for Customer Satisfaction
  • Procedure for Analysis of Data and Improvement

 Typically, Quality Management Systems serve many purposes including improving processes, reducing waste, lowering costs and setting organization wide direction Successful planning and effective implementation of QMS for each phase operations increases the probability of successful and cost effective execution of oil and gas projects.