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Liner Hanger Services

Secure a solid bottom for extreme downhole conditions

As a specialist in the area of Liner Hanger Systems, WEAFRI Liner Hanger Systems provide a means to hang the liner in the previous casing string, enabling the liner to be cemented while in tension and providing a solid bottom against which to set a liner to packer.

Our liner hanger portfolio features both mechanical and hydraulic set hangers with options for ultrahigh hanging capacity, high bypass, and rotation while cementing. They can be deployed in moderate environments of 10,000 psi (689 bar) and up to 3000F  (149 0C) to extreme high pressure, high temperature (HP/HT) and HP, low temperature (LT) conditions requiring a pressure rating up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) and 450 (2320C).


Liner hanger and packer systems
Decrease costs with specialized features to provide greater benefits involving reduction of casing diameters in the wellbore.

Our liner hanger/packer systems include specialized, premium features and provide the greatest benefits, specifically in the modern
trend in wellbore construction involving the reduction of casing diameters in the wellbore.

Whether it is heavy big-bore liners deployed instead of long strings or designing a well plan with low annular clearance, our exceptional
liner hanger/packer systems zero in on significant cost reduction. The TXP/VXP packer & GSP hanger specifically address the challenges of installing tight clearance liners.
To achieve these high performance ratings, we combined several leading edge technologies into a single tool ...Readmore