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The success of any stimulation treatment depends on the correct identification/ interpretation/selection
of the wells problem so that proper chemical additives and treatment technique can be selected.
WEAFRI own various software packages for well performance analysis namely Cerberus
(Coiled Tubing Force analysis, Down Hole Hydraulic analysis), CT Modelling Suite, Prosper, FracPro and Real Time Data Acquisition System.

Some of the main CT services we offer are;

•    Matrix and Fracture Stimulation
•    Wellbore Interventions / Clean out
•    Coiled Tubing Perforating
•    Nitrogen Kick off / Services
•    Sand Control Services
•    Cementing through CT
•    Well circulation
•    Deep water coiled Tubing


WEAFRI offers a complete nitrogen /Cryogenic services. Our nitrogen pumping unit includes:
skid mounted self-contained nitrogen pump and vaporizer system: It uses recovered waste energy
from the power unit and hydraulic system to provide energy to convert the liquid nitrogen to a gaseous phase.
The Nitrogen gas is pumped into the well to reduce the well fluid hydrostatic head to enable the well to produce to surfacex(OPM).
Some of the main nitrogen services offered by WEAFRI are:
•    Well unloading
•    Gel Foam Cleanouts
•    Pipeline Purging




As part of our corrosion inhibition system, WEAFRI introduced the SILVER HAWG tool
that has proven to be efficient with respect to wax/scale inhibition in
surface flow lines and production tubing.